Getting the foundation right

A solid hull can be developed into a beautiful aircraft, just as a solid foundation can be built into a thriving business. Without the fundamental building blocks, a business can only grow so large.


Our goal within the onboarding framework is to ensure your business is built to grow and to last. Your team is one of the most important foundational pieces to your business, so we assist with implementing change with all our your valued flight crew. 


As turbulence arises during change, Origamic Solutions partners with you to help change the course and get your business to cruising altitude. We have customizable aspects to this package, in order to give your business the ample time it needs to make the necessary changes. 




Package Highlights

What we do to help set your business foundation. 

Advisor Access

Regularly scheduled one-on-one time with an advisor to review questions, track progress, strategize, and develop new business-related skill sets.

Business Check Ups

Just like us, our business needs a check up from time to time. We will analyze your business from top to bottom to ensure your business is healthy and primed for growth. 

Risk Analysis

Whether is be missing data, or a hole in a process, we look to mitigate risk so that your business operates smoothly on a day-to-day basis. 

Process Documentation

Let's be frank, no one likes paperwork. Allow us to streamline this process, by working side by side with you to document your major processes to improve communication and efficiencies across your team. 

In-Flight Menu

We customize your needs to include the topics listed above and other specific topics as needed. Schedule your free consultation to see how Origamic Solutions can help you soar!