Business Advisors in Richmond, VA



The building blocks for your business


Entrepreneurs are responsible for an incredible amount of information within their businesses which can become overwhelming quickly. There are various departments to structure, different skill sets that need to be applied, and quite frankly, some process need to be developed that you have no idea how to do. As entrepreneurs, we naturally posses a go-getter mentality that will compliment our strengths. Origamic Solutions' Educational resources are geared to fill in the blanks for all entrepreneurs. We have created a curriculum for you to understand both tactical and strategic topics to begin building a stronger foundation for your business. By effectively utilizing these resources, your business will have all of your fundamental processes and procedures in place. 



What resources would be at my disposal?

Within the curriculum, there will be process documents, customizable forms and supporting videos for you to access. The topics cover both tactical and strategic processes to enhance your business. These include the basics of business finance, organizational structure, succession planning, HR, and much more. 



Can I request information that is not in the resource library?

Of course! Our educational curriculum is designed to master the fundamentals but we know all too well that unexpected circumstances may arise and you're going to need some assistance navigating through them. Through our educational services, you will have access to our consultants to ask about any specific information you may require. 


Business Advisory

A round-table approach to growing your business


Entrepreneurship can seem like a lonely journey. Our advisory services are tailored to support individuals throughout their businesses' lifecycle. We provide support through various ways, whether that be providing solutions, brainstorming session, or even just being a sounding board so you can let out your frustrations (lets face it, we all need a good venting session from time-to-time).



How does the advising process work?

All of our services will start with a full assessment of your business. Our business management consultant looks to identify existing processes, successes to build on, areas of opportunity, and overall structure of the business. Once a baseline is established, we will collaboratively build a strategic plan for growth and sustainability. As the plan comes to fruition, you as the owner will be responsible for the execution of the plans. Our qualified consultants will be there through the process to analyze your progress, redirect when needed, and answer any questions that may arise. 



How much involvement can I expect from Origamic Solutions?

Our intentions are to allow you to do what you do best, execute. Through the assessment process, a cadence will be established for our check-ins. The frequency of these meetings will be based solely on the scale and nature of the processes. The most common frequencies will be weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, but can be altered based on the current needs of the business. 



What areas of my business can you advise for?

Our focus in the advising process is the develop all fundamental operational processes and workflows. These topics will be across all departments within your business. When a specific area of expertise is needed (legal advice for example) we will provide the resources from our partners within our ecosystem to get you the best information possible. 



Full scale process development and implementation


Our consulting services are full-scale development of processes, procedures and even back-end or front-end system development. We are extremely hands on during this process to create and deliver exceptional processes to fit your current needs. This will come complete with a statement of work, which will include the duration of the project and all deliverables that Origamic Solutions will be responsible for. 


What is the difference between advising and consulting services?

Advisory services are hands-off by nature. During the advisory process, Origamic Solutions will play a more coach-like role, helping guide your business in the right direction. On the other hand, our consulting services put our subject matter experts in a player role. We take a boots on the ground approach to help achieve a targeted result. This is a collaborative process to create a vision, then you can sit back, relax, and watch our team turn your visions into a reality. 



Why would a company outsource process development?

Making the decision to outsource is not always an easy one. Outsourced consulting services are best utilized when structural changes need to be made, without any sustained interruptions in your business. Your operations can continue as normal, while we put in the work to create the necessary changes. A lot of hours are invested into any project, allow us to dive into the details while you can focus on keeping your team and your customers happy. 



Personal Development

Becoming a better version of yourself 



As an entrepreneur, you wear many hats. Owner, sales rep, HR manager, office admin, sibling, parent, friend, and your unique self. The one identity that no one tells you about, is being a role model. Your team, family and community look up to those that take the plunge into entrepreneurship and it is then again, our responsibility to put our best foot forward. We have compiled some of the best resources to aid you on your journey to being the best version of yourself. These resources include books, podcasts, networking events, 1:1 development, a referral network and relevant business news to keep you up to date on all the new trends. 


What Topics are covered?

There are an infinite amount of topics someone can focus on for personal development. We look to focus on skills that are transferrable into the business world. This may include mentality, interpersonal skills, mindfulness and self-awareness. We know that every individual will be on a different journey, so we will look to collaborate to pinpoint areas for growth and development.  



How do you measure personal development?

Personal development is a combination of both tangible and intangible skills that are applied in various situations. So it is not always a simple metric to measure. Examples of personal growth consist of an individual handling struggles with a more positive attitude or are able to help people from different backgrounds or experiences. 


Every piece of art is unique

See how these services can be customized to fit your masterpiece.