Build the blueprint for your business

All businesses, established or new, require stability in order to succeed. Origamic Solutions' Orientation Package is designed to provide the framework for you to apply in your business. In this process, we will assess various aspects of your business in order to provide additional structure and support which will lead to sustainability. 

Our growing library of resources will include process templates, common business terminology (learn the language), relevant business articles and best practices for you to apply. 


Orientation Highlights

Strong processes allow a business to grow, but can be difficult to get started. Here are a few things Origamic Solutions can provide to get your aircraft going down the runway. 

Process Templates

You know what systems need to be in place, but may not know how to start. We provide standardized process templates that every business needs in order to operate. 

Organizational Structure

Have too many or too little pilots in the cockpit? Allow us to place your rockstar flight crew in the right positions to optimize efficiency and plan for future team growth.

Roles and Responsibilities 

Clearly define your team's day-to-day responsibilities by clearly defining their roles. A specific set of responsibilities allows everyone to work more effectively and efficiently. 

Knowledge Development

Work directly with our consultants to assist you in implementing these best practices, develop new skills, and stay on top of current business trends. 

In-Flight Menu

We customize your needs to include the topics listed above and other specific topics as needed. Schedule your free consultation to see how Origamic Solutions can help you soar!